Rekindle the Fire Council

The Rekindle the Fire Council represents both the East and West Councils listed below. These councils were formed in 2010 to organize the Gathering of Condolence, Strength and Peace. The objective was to bring together Indigenous people from the North and the South.


In 1990, Indigenous Peoples from virtually every Indigenous nation of the continent met in Quito, Ecuador to proclaim the prophesy of the Eagle and of the Condor. The Continental Council of Indigenous Nations and Organizations of the Continent (CONIC) led this Continental Movement. In 2000, along with the Peace and Dignity Runs, the Continental Movement met in Teotihuacan and accords took place to continue coordinating efforts that would bring together Indigenous Peoples from North and South. In 2004, the Continental Council, invited by the Mayans, met in Guatemala where the Mayans “untied” the Continental Fire to prepare for the closing of the count of Venus in 2012. This passing of time would assure us that prophesy of the Eagle and the Condor would bring together all Indigenous Nations to retake their spiritual and existential path as sovereign spiritual nations. Our brothers the Mayans also knew that this healing ceremony needed to happen in the North.

The West and East Council

We know that the time for change has come. The healing process is underway, and Indigenous Peoples from across this continent have made every attempt to reunite so the borders imposed may cease to be an impediment for the Continental Unity of Indigenous Peoples from Abya Yala (the Americas).

West Council

  • Darkfeather, Tulalip, Washington
  • Eric Noyes, American Indian Institute
  • James Maestas, Chicano, Atrisco, Aztlan
  • Jorge Garcia, Mexica, Atrisco, Aztlan
  • Kathy Sanchez, San Idelfonso Pueblo, NM
  • Pablo Lopez, Apache, Atrisco, NM
  • Pin Poquin Lewis, Tesuque Pueblo, NM
  • Rafail Reyes, Mexica, Izcalotlan, Aztlan
  • Tupac Enrique, Mexica, Izkalotlan, Aztlan
  • Yolanda Teran, Quechua, Ecuador
  • Vickie Downey, Tesuque, Pueblo

East Council


    • Kahontineh Swamp 
    • Leona Phillips
    • Angela Elijah
    • Ernest David
    • Skahendowaneh Swamp
    • Glenn Swamp
    • Andy Swamp
    • Elizabeth Nanticoke
    • Teiosakentison Elijah
    • Karakwenta Lazore
    • Thohahoken Michael Doxtater
    • Iokarentha Elijah


      • Tracy Thomas
      • Michelle Thomas
      • Rhea Cook
      • Jeannie Shenandoah
      • John Parsons


        • Eddie Benton Banai
        • Jerry Fontaine
        • Jennifer Wemigwans
        • Vikki Howard
        • Josephine Mandamin
        • Dan Wilson
        • Beatrice Jackson
        • Esther Humphrey
        • Renee Gurneau

        Jake Swamp, Curi Males, and Jorge Garcia center, one of the council members

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